It was twenty-five years ago, when I began my law enforcement career to protect & serve the community. Today, in 2019 I will continue my successful career as a Peace Officer and public servant, and here’s how.

I am Lieutenant Constable Joe Danna, and I am proud to share today, our official campaign announcement for the upcoming 2020 election. A successful campaign will benefit the residents of Harris County in many ways such as, safe neighborhoods to live & raise your families and a workplace that will allow companies to focus on productivity and not crime. The experiences & lessons learned from my 25-years in Harris County law enforcement all played a role in making the right choice to move forward.

Today, I’m asking the residents of Harris County especially, the 4500 employees of the Sheriff’s Office, to accept & support my decision to place my name on the ballot in the 2020 election as a candidate for Harris County Sheriff.

Many challenges must be addressed by the next Sheriff and here are three, that are very important to me .

#1  The lack of respect and public trust towards law enforcement must be reversed. When the public believes that those who enforce the law are not doing so in a fair or ethical way, the cooperation between law enforcement and the public begins to erode.

#2  Departments are losing manpower with decreasing interest in a less desirable career due to, diminishing pay, high risk and the recent trend of society’s negative view on law enforcement.

#3  In order to reduce crime, we must increase the deputies in the communities by better managing your money to protect you and your families.

To restore trust and respect from the community, we will focus on fairness, integrity and transparency. I am committed to stay connected with the community by listening to their needs through a Community Outreach Team. This Team will support face to face interactions with community coalitions, civic and youth organizations to educate and build trust. We will educate through programs such as Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch, School Presentations and Police/Youth interaction. We will lend assistance with National programs for our Veterans and the Homeless that deal with PTSI.

The Department will be allowed & encouraged, to carry out their duties based on common sense to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, the laws of the United States and Texas, so help me God.

My reputation of treating people with dignity & respect, through effective leadership will set a strong example of how common sense, support and transparency will become the new standard for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The new standard will create the potential of how a career in law enforcement will be self-rewarding and more than just a job, but a lifestyle.

Our campaign will reach out to the community through the immense power of social media. Our YouTube channel will share events along with questions & answers on various topics including, but not limited to law enforcement.

Your participation & comments, on platforms such as Facebook & Twitter, will send a strong message of support and play a significant role in the success of our campaign.

Finally, this campaign is not about me or politics, but the Department. I am focused on the men & women of the Sheriff’s Office, that put their lives on the line every day to protect & serve the community.

I will confirm through my actions, that I am prepared for the challenge and commitment to lead the Sheriff’s Office to make “Common Sense Decisions” a high priority.

In closing. ….I assure you, my 25 years of true police experience, is full of integrity and common sense, and that’s exactly what the Harris County Sheriff’s Office needs.

Finally ….. I sincerely thank each and every one of you that tuned in to listen to my message and ask that you please consider following our 2020 campaign for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

May God Bless You All.


Family Man. Law Enforcement Officer. Public Servant. Candidate.

I am a proud 2nd Generation of Danna Families born and raised in Harris County. My law enforcement work for over two decades, has provided police skills and experience that have made Harris County a safer place to live and work.

Family Life

Joe Danna married Donna Rouse Danna in 1972 and raised two daughters, Monica Danna-Garcia and Jill Danna King, in Catholic Schools in Precinct One. In 2008 Joe and Donna adopted their great niece and now third daughter, Kailey Rose Danna at the age of two months. Kailey is a blessing to Joe and Donna and the entire Danna Family.

Who is Joe Danna?

  • Born, raised, married and educated in Harris County
  • Christian, son, brother, husband, father, provider, public servant
  • Learned the values of hard work and honesty at a young age
  • Passion for technology
  • Pet lover
  • Personal fitness, health & wellness are a priority
  • Black-belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate and various Japanese weapons

Law Enforcement Life

Joe has worn many hats in the law enforcement community from Advanced Peace Officer to working in every division of the Constable’s Office. He has worked with other Law Enforcement Agencies such as the FBI, HPD, the Harris County Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Public Safety. Joe Danna has put away more criminals in Harris County than can be counted. The interest of public safety is and always has been his #1 priority.



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